Adjustable measuring-spoon — clever!

The Adjust-A-Spoon is an ingenious alternative to graduated measuring-spoons; the slider in the handle changes the size of the spoon's bowl from a tablespoon to half a teaspoon.


(via Popgadget)

Update: Drew sez, "Bad news on those adjust-a-spoons. I've tried them before and while
the theory is a good one, it just doesn't work in practice. The
mechanism often slips so that the spoon adjusts itself to a different
measurement mid-measure. Food particles tend to get stuck making it
hard to clean. The worst part of the design is that the slide gets in
the way of taking the back edge of a knife across the top of the spoon
to ensure accurate measurement.

Both Alton Brown and Cook's Illustrated (probably the two holy cooking
sources of most BB reader food geeks) have complained about these
spoons as well."

Update 2: Christopher sez, "To directly debate Drew's denigrating comment, I have owned these spoons for a few years and love them. The only time they slip is occasionally when measuring oil, and only when I hold it with thumb pressure on the sliding piece, which, I might add, detaches for cleaning (dishwasher safe!), so particles don't stay stuck when it is washed properly. As for knife-leveling, it's not hard to start the knife flush to the back edge and push excess across the top. These devices are every bit as wonderful as they sound."