Artists paint Detroit's derelict buildings Tiggeriffic Orange

An underground artist clade in Detroit is painting the city's many derelict buildings "Tiggeriffic Orange," in order to liven the landscape. They call the project "Detroit. Demolition. Disneyland."

The artistic move is simple, cover the front in Tiggeriffic Orange – a color from the Mickey Mouse series, easily purchased from Home Depot. Every board, every door, every window, is caked in Tiggeriffic Orange. We paint the facades of abandoned houses whose most striking feature are their derelict appearance.


(via We Make Money Not Art)

Update: Gooch sez, "Tyree Guyton just spoke at UM Feb. 9th about his work with the long running Heidelburg Project, were he paints and decorates abandoned houses and areas in Detroit and has been since 1986."