Episode six of awesome sysadmin sitcom The IT Crowd is downloadable

Episode six of Graham Linehan's wonderful, screamingly funny sysadmin sitcom, The IT Crowd, is online for DRM-based Windows streaming from the Channel 4 UK site.

Me, I'm grabbing the DRM-free version from the Mininova torrent linked below (it's coming in fast, too with 30 peers in the mesh) and I can't wait. For the past six weeks, the new IT Crowd episode has been the highlight of my week — I've always loved nerdy comedy (Real Genius! Sneakers!) and The IT Crowd gets so much right about being a sysadmin (I job I held down in a previous life), and is wicked funny into the bargain (no surprise, since Graham Linehan was previously responsible for Father Ted, an Irish a sitcom about degenerate Irish priests that has made me laugh so hard I thought I was going to be sick).

It says here that my copy will arrive in 25 minutes. Come on, progress-bar, move!

The arrival of Jen's "lady time of the month" has unexpected consequences for the office. Jen's in a bad mood, Moss feels weird, Roy bursts into tears, and even Richmond's been feeling gloomy. The only cure is to have a big girly night out with scented candles and Dirty Dancing saves the day, before cutting a rug at the office party…

Link, Alternate Link

(Thanks, Ian, Fabian, Compn, CJ, and Adrian!)

Update: Watched it, loved it, howled with laughter and pounded the table and wept. Christ, this show is the best thing ever.

Update 2: Episode 6 is up on YouTube — thanks, Tian!