Long-lost Penn and Teller videogame for download

Frank Cifaldi has uncovered a long-lost Penn and Teller video game that was never released in stores, and Waxy is hosting a torrent of it. The game involves lots of tricks, shenanigans, and genuinely weird and improbable easter-eggs, and has cameos from Lou Reed and Debbie Harry. Penn mentioned the torrent of the game on his talk-show yesterday and sounded pretty cool with it! You'll need to install a free Sega CD emulator to run it (unless you actually have a working Sega CD).

The most infamous part was "Desert Bus," a "VeriSimulator" in which you drive a bus across the straight Nevada desert for eight hours in real-time. Then you drive it home. Also, I'd read the bus veers to the right, so you can't just leave the joypad propped up. The rumor was that if you won the game, you got one point.