Toilet tank sinks

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At left, ACORN Engineering's Penal-Ware Comby, a stainless steel, suicide resistant toilet/sink combination designed for prisons. Features include "less sharp edges and rounded toilet housing to the floor prevents inmate from fastening material around fixture." At right, a traditional commode outfitted with an $89 Toilet Lid Sink attachment that converts a standard toilet tank into a wash basin. From the Real Goods catalog description of the Toilet Lid Sink:

With each flush of your commode, clean water that would otherwise go straight down the toilet is first routed up through a chrome gooseneck spigot to dispense pure water for hand washing. The Toilet Lid Sink installs easily without tools, is attractive for any bathroom and is a great space saver.

Link to Acorn's Penal-Ware Comby, Link to Toilet Lid Sink (via Cool Tools)

UPDATE: Many readers have pointed out that toilet/sink combinations are nothing new in Japan.