Network Neutrality as Dr Seuss might have explained it

David Isenberg's got the text/podcast of his Dr Seussian poem explaining Net Neutrality, the idea that telcos who sell preferential Internet service to Internet sites break the network.

When Ed Whitacre, the head of AT&T, says,
"They're not going to use my pipes for free"
he's not talking about Them, he's talking about Me.
He's talking about Us, it should be plain to see.

When Whitaker says "free" he's not talking about beer.
It's our Freedom of Speech that's at stake here.
Whitaker wants to privatize our right to express.
And he's even got some laws in front of the US Congress,
Bad laws.
Laws that would make everybody with a public hotspot register with the FCC.
Laws that would let the telephone companies discriminate
Information that is dangerous from info that is safe
But who are they to decide?The Free Internet gives *us* that right.

Now the law has a flaw, or so they say
So the telcos send our data to NSA
As if we're all Osama and we might get away


Update: For more Seussian goodness, check out the youtube of this sacrelicious Kids in the Hall sketch, The Dr Seuss Bible. (Thanks, Andrew!)