World's greatest Haunted Mansion fan-book

Jeff Baham may be the world's greatest Haunted Mansion ride fan, and he's certainly written the world's greatest Haunted Mansion fan-book. The Secrets of the Haunted Mansion is Baham's slim-but-worthy tome on the Mansion's history, aesthetics, and delights. It contains a detailed account of the Mansion's workings and history, the secret history of the "Museum of the Weird," a stillborn walk-through curiosity show originally intended to accompany the Mansion, rare interviews with the Mansion's creators and voice-talent, and a guide to the amazing variety of Haunted Mansion memorabilia produced over the years. Throughout the book are reproductions of Mansion rarities, like the original sheet-music for "Grim, Grinning Ghosts," the Mansion's themesong, and the script for the story-and-record set that was produced using little Ronnie Howard as the voice of the boy. Other delights include architectural plans for the Mansion and a gallery of Mansion fans posing with their favorite rides.

Baham is the evil genius behind the amazing Disney fan sites Doom Buggies and Tell No Tales, devoted to the Pirates of the Caribbean (he edits these in the person of his alter-ego, Chef Mayhem). He's a talented designer and an accomplished writer, and there's no one who knows this subject better than him.