Wired News publishes damning docs from EFF vs AT&T

Wired News has published a bunch of documents from EFF's lawsuit against AT&T for the company's role in helping the NSA perform indiscriminate, illegal warrantless wiretaps against millions of American citizens. AT&T has asked a court to take these documents out of the public record and suppress their publication — so grab your copy now while you can:

Former AT&T technician Mark Klein is the key witness in the Electronic Frontier Foundation's class-action lawsuit against the company, which alleges that AT&T illegally cooperated in an illegal National Security Agency domestic-surveillance program.

In this recently surfaced statement, Klein details his discovery of an alleged surveillance operation in an AT&T office in San Francisco, and offers his interpretation of company documents that he believes support his case.

For its part, AT&T is asking a federal judge to keep those documents out of court, and to order the EFF to return them to the company. Here Wired News presents Klein's statement in its entirety, along with select pages from the AT&T documents.


Update: Jet sez, "The judge rejected AT&T's motion to remove the documents from the public record!"