Gaiman on "the myth of Superman"

Neil Gaiman and Wired's Adam Rogers have a brief editorial on the "Myth of Superman" in this month's Wired Magazine — always fascinating to see Gaiman (whose Sandman comics are very far from traditional underwear pervert super-funnybooks) tackling the subject of underwear-pervdom's number-one icon:

What's important, though, is how Superman uses these powers. Compared to most A-list comic characters, he has almost no memorable villains. Think of Batman, locked in eternal combat with nocturnal freaks like the Joker – or Spider-Man, battling megalomaniacal weirdos like Dr. Octopus. For Superman, there's pretty much only bitter, bald Lex Luthor, forever being reinvented by writers and artists in an effort to make him a worthy foe. Superman's true enemies are disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes, jet planes tumbling from the sky, enormous meteors that would crush cities. Superman stands between humanity and a capricious universe.