Snow White 1937 dept store display found in amusement park

A 1937 animated department store window display of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves has shown up a t a kitschy amusement park in the Adirondacks, Magic Forest Park. The display is animated by motorized wooden cogs, and has been lovingly rebuilt numerous times as it wore through the decades.

Once at Magic Forest Park, said Gillette, the displays were originally stored in a barn with other attractions over the winter. When the attractions were removed from the barn and put into place for use over the summer, the display cases were moved into a circle in the barn for viewing by visitors. They were moved around into and out of storage each year. The annual movement, in addition to the exposure to extremes of heat and cold, contributed to some deterioration of the displays. Of the original 10 cases, one that depicts the queen disguised as an old hag offering the poisoned apple to Snow White, was actually destroyed by all of the movement.


(Thanks, Kirby!)