Best music of 1900s-1920s as MP3s

FoldedSpace has ripped and posted a rare collection of the best music from 1901-1920s and posted it, along with commentary. These public domain songs are delightful, and feature some of my favorite artists, like Billy Murray, who sounds a little like Bugs Bunny, and even an original recording of Sousa's band. The CD version of this goes for as much as $190 on Amazon and eBay, but since the music is in the public domain, it can be freely redistributed.

# In the Good Old Summertime, performed by John Philip Sousa's Band (recorded 27 October 1905, which is not in the summertime)
# Grand Old Rag, performed by Billy Murray (recorded 06 February 1906)
# The Arkansas Traveler, performed by Len Spencer (recorded 01 December 1908)
# Shine on Harvest Moon, performed by Miss Walton and Mister MacDonough (recorded December 1908)
# In My Merry Oldsmobile, performed by Billy Murray (recorded 01 February 1909)
# The Yama Yama Man, performed by Ada Jones (recorded May 1909)
# I've Got Rings on My Fingers (Bells on my Toes), performed by Blanche Ring (recorded 24 June 1909)
# Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?, performed by Nora Bayes (recorded 07 March 1910)
# Come Josephine In My Flying Machine, performed by Ada Jones and Billy Murray with The American Quartet (recorded November 1910)


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ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive director Stephen Worth sez, "Murray actually did do cartoon voices.
He was the original voice of Bimbo in the Max Fleischer
Talkartoons, and his voice is featured in quite a few
Bouncing Ball cartoons. We have one of them posted on
the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog.
Mariutch (1930)."