Funny suggestions for alternative game controllers

Wired News humor columnist Lore Sjöberg picks up the subject of alternative game controllers this week -- we've got lightguns, guitars, mics, and the Wii, but still there's plenty of room for novelty controllers:

Roadie controller

We've got games with guitars, drums, singing, even sound mixing. Add a game where you put flyers on telephone poles all over town and video games can be an excellent substitute for actually starting a band. Or better yet, add a game where you play a roadie, arriving on the stage eight hours before the show to lay down wire, perform repetitive sound checks and make sure that the microphone is exactly 5-feet 6-inches high so Shankbone doesn't throw a fit like he did in Jersey.

And the controller for all this exciting work in the world of sweaty entertainment? Your trusty Leatherman, of course. Pull out whatever tool will do the job and get to work, cutting, turning or adjusting over and over and over. It's repetitive stress incredible.