Anti-DRM children's picture-book!

MCM sez, "After reading about Captain Copyright and how some people think it's okay to brainwash small kids into believing the current state of copyright nonsense is somehow sacred, I thought it might be nice to make an anti-DRM story to show kids an alternative. So I wrote a short little book that parents can read to their kids at night, to reinforce the notion that yes, sharing IS good, no matter what they try and tell you at school. It's not A.A. Milne, but I hope it does the job. CC Sampling+ licensed download of a free PDF on the linked page."

Just then, Duck came bounding up the road. She was covered from
head to toe in sticky, gooey apple sauce.

"Yoooooou stinky Pig!" yelled Duck.

"What happened to YOU?" gasped Pig.

"My baby duckling tried to eat an apple for snack time, and ALL
THE APPLES EXPLODED! Why can't I share the apples with my
family, Pig?"

"Oh…" said Pig.


(Thanks, MCM!)