Pac Man with crickets controlling the ghosts

Wim van Eck's grad project for the Masters program in Media Technology at the Netherlands' Leiden University was a version of Pac Man that used crickets to control the ghosts:

Up till now we had one-way interaction: the game play depends on the movement of the animals. But if we want somewhat more intelligent game play, the animals should also react to the actions within the game. It is possible to attract or repel an animal with stimuli such as sound, vibration, temperature, pheromones, light, electricity and smell. In nature, vibration of the ground warns crickets for an approaching predator. We chose to use this behaviour to stimulate the crickets in the game. We divided the floor of the maze into six parts, each with a motor attached underneath that vibrates when switched on. When the crickets should chase Pac-Man, we switch on the motors furthest away from his location in the maze, so the crickets will flee in his direction. When Pac-Man eats a power-up, the crickets are supposed to run away from him, so we then vibrate the part of the floor that contains Pac-Man's position.


(via We Make Money Not Art)