Total Eclipse of the Heart as a mournful appliance-smashing dirge

In this stunning music video, a Norwegian band that looks a little like a ginger ZZ Top performs a slow, mournful version of the 80s megahit "Total Eclipse of the Heart." The percussionist plays a collection of derelict appliances, smashing them with unabashed vigor.


(via Making Light)

Update: Scott sez, "The band is called Hurra Torpedo."

Update 2: Paul sez, "My friend worked on the film crew that followed them around during their North American tour.
They will be producing a rockumentary."

Update 3: Nathan sez, "The band features Kristopher Schau, who also is also lead singer of The Cumshots. They made headlines two summers ago during the Quart Festival in Norway by featuring a live sex show by members of Fuck For Forest – a porn company that donates its profits to forestry charities."