Haunted Mansion with the lights on video

Ricky sez, "supernumber18 on YouTube has posted a couple of videos of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion with the lights on. While this would normally be news in itself (it's fairly rare to see the Mansion with the lights on), there's even more to the story. Evidently the kids were trying to steal something from the recently made-over attic scene."

Hot damn this is a kick-ass piece of video — the Mansion with the lights on, it's like a cross between seeing your parents having sex and catching the hand of God rearranging the laws of physics while your back is turned.

On 08/13/06 we were riding Haunted Mansion at Disneyland when the lights suddenly came on. We later learned that it was because a few kids tried to steal a prop. They were escorted outside by CM's and dealt with by security.


(Thanks, Ricky!)

Update: Andrew sez, "I instantly thought of the video I had recorded of Space Mountain with its lights on, which I recorded on my trip to Disney World last week."

Update 2: This video has been flagged as private, so you and I can't watch it anymore. Man, that sucks.

Update 3: Ricky sez, "I've mirrored the Haunted Mansion lights-on videos from YouTube (snagged them before it went private) on my blog."