UK music industry blackballs 12-y-o musician for supporting sharing – UPDATED

From Techdirt: "BPI, the UK version of the RIAA, has banned a twelve year-old singer songwriter from a new music chart they were creating for schools. The reason, apparently, is that BPI doesn't want to promote young Amy Thomas' music, since she's signed to a music label that doesn't support BPI's stance on suing file sharers."


(via Wonderland)

Update: Dan wrote to the BPI, who deny the accusation:

We didn't decide to ban the artist – not only is it untrue that we made
a decision to ban her from the campaign – she was never in the running
in the first place. We don't know what her views are on downloading, and
even if we did, we don't condone censorship. Since we did not ban her,
it's untrue to suggest we did so on the basis of her personal views.