New species discovered on eBay

A newly-discovered species of sea urchin was discovered on eBay. Collectors frequently ask Natural History Museum scientist Simon Coppard to identify urchins they've purchased on the auction site. Recently, he and a colleague determined that one kind of species being bought and sold was unknown to science. They've since dubbed it Coelopleurus exquisitus and published their findings in the journal Zootaxa (PDF). An example of the species, seen here, is now up for auction (and incorrectly identified in the listing) with a current bid of $40 and 34 hours left. From New Scientist:

 Lpinch Caledonia
Coppard is worried about the large numbers of these shells and spines that have appeared for sale in the past five years. "We think they must come from illegal trawling," he says. "Unfortunately, the only use the bright colours seem to have is to make them very desirable to collectors."

Link (Thanks, Paul Saffo!)