Idiocracy: Mike Judge's latest, underpromoted film

The latest film from Mike Judge (King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead, Office Space) is "Idiocracy," and it's just opened with virtually no publicity — thanks to the patented Fox stupidity about smart comedy. It sounds like a great flick, though:

Most everyone in 2505 is a mouth-breathing lout, barely capable of forming a sentence. They've elected as president the guy who seems cool to them, a loudmouthed porn-star wrestler (unfailingly funny Terry Crews, the dad from "Everybody Hates Chris"). They pass their days consuming, defecating, fornicating and gawking at anything that goes boom. Then consuming some more. And because they don't know any better, they've let themselves be co-opted by corporate marketers, taking brands ("Frito") for names and wearing disposable clothes covered with ads.

Like "Office Space," this movie has a lurching plot — utterly average Joe feels like a brainiac in the dumbed-down dystopia — but rich humor in the little details. Keep your eyes open for the Costco as big as a city (complete with monorail), the trashed White House littered with empties, and the grimy vending machines that malfunction and ruin your life.


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Update: NPR's Day to Day did a great story on this: Link to NPR page, MP3 Link