Tiki Art at Roq la Rue Gallery in Seattle

Seattle's Roq la Rue Gallery has a new Tiki Art show opening this Friday, Septepmber 15. Artists include Lisa Petrucci, Tiki Tony, Heather Watts, Shag, BB fave Tim Biskup, and many more. (See here, Biskup's "Paranoia Totem.") The show is guest curated by Otto von Strohelm, publisher of Tiki News. From the show description:

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The American Heritage Dictionary defines a Tiki as "a wooden or stone image of a Polynesian God." While fans of Tiki Style might border on religious fanaticism in their love for all things Tiki and their obsession for collecting Tiki mugs and menus, the Tikis they worship are wholly American artistic creations. In its heyday the decor, food and music used in Tiki bars was referred to as South Seas, Polynesian, or Exotica and later simply as Tiki. Today, the umbrella term Tiki is used to describe the entire gamut of Pan Polynesian arts that were applied in those restaurants and bars from the late 1930s to the mid 1970s.

Link (Thanks, Kirsten Anderson!)