Microscope slides of insect tongues on eBay

This beautiful collection of microscope slides of insect tongues is up for auction on eBay right now. The hammer goes down on Saturday and the current bid is $40. From the listing:

 Bin Imageserver.X 00000000 Oldhand Tongues
 Bin Imageserver.X 00000000 Oldhand .Mids Tongues1
 Bin Imageserver.X 00000000 Oldhand .Mids Tongues2

A selected group of professional mounts of insect tongues. These have been chosen to show a variety of feeding methods. Included are an opaque mount of a Hummingbird Hawk Moth tongue, those of Bee, Butterfly, Fly and the proboscis of a Blowfly. The most delicate is that of the Cricket, which has been beautifully arranged. Microscopic examination shows many interesting details.

Link (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)