Moo Cards: Stunning kid-sized custom biz-cards with Flickr pix

Moo prints beautiful little calling-cards for kids and the young-at-heart. Each card can have a different back, and the undersized cards are just the right size for your name, email address and a URL or two. The project was co-founded by my friend Stef Magdalinski, who also spends his time hacking British democracy with projects like Wikiproxy and TheyWorkForYou — he's good people.

It's hard to convey just how cool-ass these cards are. They feel like a fetish object, the thick card and soft laminate finish create a great hand-feel, and they're visually stunning — playful and intensely personal.

They've got an engine to make cards from your Flickr stream, and for $20 they'll send you 100 custom cards — Flickr Pro users can get 10 cards for free, just as a try-out. We got a box to 100 here this week and when I took them out of the box, it was like Christmas — so bright and colorful and fun. So many different designs, and all of them from our most beloved Flickr snaps.

I've been making my own business-cards since I was 18, playing with the designs and the stock. I've had folding cards, embossed cards, letterpress cards, oversized and undersized cards. My latest ones are taken from an old ad I found on the Modern Mechanix blog. There's definitely a fraternity among the business-card-proud — a flicker of recognition when you exchange cards with someone else who takes unseemly pride in his bits of pocket-paper.

There's lots of free stuff on the Internets, but the 10 free cards from Moo might just be the coolest thing for 0 dollars you can get.