Digital TV liberation front/Chilling Effects talk at USC

Next Tuesday night, October 3, I'm hosting a free talk by Wendy Seltzer, the lawyer who founded EFF's Digital TV liberation front — teaching people how to build the TV sets that the Broadcast Flag would ban — and the Chilling Effects project — which documents and analyzes the nastygrams used to censor Internet speech.

Wendy's coming to my USC speaker-series on Oct 3, the International Day Against DRM to tell us about the ways that copyright law have become a tool for censorship, perverting the original intention of copyright, to enable creativity. If you're looking to understand how free speech become suppressed speech, you need to come to this talk.

Wendy presently teaches at Brooklyn Law, and is one of a small but growing number of lawyers who can write code as well as hacking law. She is a Harvard Berkman Fellow, and a smart lawyer, a fine writer, and a great speaker.

As you've heard from the previous speaker podcasts (Jason Schultz, EFF, Michael Ayers, Toshiba, Bruce Sterling, Bruce Schneier) these are great, interdisciplinary talks, attracting engineers, lawyers, film studies people, hackers, artists and musicians, people in industry, students, and hobbyists. I hope you'll make it next Tuesday!

Where: University of Southern California, Annenberg School, Room 240, Los Angeles

When: Tuesday, October 3, 7PM – the International Day Against DRM