Audio of activist lawyer talk on Broadcast Flag and Chilling Effects

The audio of Wendy Seltzer's talk at my USC lecture series is now online. Wendy, an activist lawyer, is the co-founder of Chilling Effects and the Digital Television Liberation Front, two critical projects for defending Internet freedoms. She discussed the ways that "takedown notices" and the Broadcast Flag proposal threaten the future of PCs and free speech. Wendy is one of the few lawyers who also writes software, and her perspective on this is that of a lawyer and self-taught coder, a great combination for understanding how a sane set of Internet laws would work.

Towards the end of the talk, Wendy was joined by Wired News's Quinn Norton, who talked about her experiences covering the Swedish Pirate Party movement.


Reminder: The speaker series is free and open to the public. Our next two speakers are Revver's Steven Starr, talking about Internet business-models that treat copying as a feature, not a bug, on Oct 17 at 7PM; then CPTech's Jamie Love who started the anti-trust action against Microsoft and founded the resistance movement at the UN's World Intellectual Property Organization, Oct 24 at 7PM.