Bring back Disneyland's Peoplemover!

People for the Peoplemover is a group of Disneyland fans trying to get the park to bring the beloved WEDWay Peoplemover (or Peoplecrusher, as it's known to afficianados familiar with its body count) ride. Tomorrowland, the Peoplemover's home, has always been problematic, ever since opening day ("Dairy Farmers of America present: The Cow of the Future!") but the PeopleCrusher was one ride that always managed to feel futuristic, or at least retrofuturistic. I miss it -- and love riding the East Coast version that still operates at Walt Disney World. Link (Thanks, James!)

Update: Nym sez, "Disneyland security used to call the People Mover the 'People Maker' because of how many people they had to stop having sex on the slow moving ride."

Update 2: Dan sez, "The proper nickname for the Peoplemover is the "PeopleRemover" -- coined by morbid cast members shortly after the first kid was killed."