Orthodox Jewish prayer Barbie

A reader writes, "Jewish ritual scribe Jen Taylor Friedman has made a scholarly Barbie, complete with Tefillin, Tallit and volume of Talmud."


Update: Ben sez, "Strictly speaking, Orthodox Jewish women don't wear teffilin or tallit during prayer; in fact, many Orthodox Jews object strongly to the trend in the more liberal branches of Judaism permitting/encouraging women to do so. Since laying tefillin and wearing tallit is much more common with Conservative than Reform Jews, the post should probably be titled 'Progressive Conservative Jewish Prayer Barbie'."

Update 2: Jen sez, "s the creator of Tefillin Barbie, I'd like to point out to your correspondent Ben that enough Orthodox Jewish women wear tallit and tefillin that your description of her as Orthodox is entirely accurate. I intended her as Modern Orthodox Barbie, and Modern Orthodox Barbie she is."