HOWTO make mechanized Dalek-o-lantern

The Evil Mad Scientist Labs folks have got a killer set of plans up for a mechanized rolling, aiming Dalek built out of a pumpkin:

Final touches: The "eye" and two "ears" are pieces of carrot. Instead of the toilet plunger and paint rollers that the originals had, I used a hand-mixer beater paddle and a candy thermometer. I think that they both work pretty well. Overall, however, the shape is almost too round to be recognized as a Dalek. But, we are somewhat constrained by the shape of the pumpkin. With a bit of work, you could make a pretty good R2D2 by the same method. I hope someone else does that because I'm not planning to. =)

Now: Pimp your Dalek! Add one of those blinky lights that indicates when its talking. Download some Dalek voices, and put them inside the pumpkin with a speaker. The possibilities are endless!