MSIE sends a cake to Firefox

Microsoft's Internet Explorer team sent a congratulatory cake to the Firefox team on the occasion of the launch of Firefox 2.


(Thanks, Alex!)

Update: Ivan sez, ""but did they include the recipe?!""

Update 2:
Fred sez, "The IE-team cake looked suspicious, what with the irregular white and
black marks. The conspiracy theorist in me made me think about Morse
code. I saw in the comments on the original blog that some people had
looked at it and that there is no obvious morse code there. I
couldn't be bothered to write a perl script to parse it depending on
the starting place and direction of the message (cw or ccw), but it
sure looks like some kind of message. I see, starting top left going
cw, 'S E S / A T / (D:N:B) (U:V:A) / T N' I assume that someone else
could properly decode this, so I suggest sending this as a challenge
to all the would-be cryptographers and lovers of codes. What message
has the IE-team hidden in the icing on the Firefox cake?"