Walking Dead: scary, engrossing zombie comic

I just finished reading the first five collections of the ongoing comic series The Walking Dead, by Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore, and I now I can't wait for the seventh collection to come out.

The Walking Dead is a zombie adventure serial about the survivors of a plague of walking, flesh-eating dead. All the usual zombie movie stuff applies — lots of gore, you get bit and you die and then come back, hordes of creepy shamblers are everywhere.

What distinguishes this series is its characters, who are likable and deeply flawed people who are being unmade along with the world. Each character is stretched to the breaking point, turned into a monster, and then just enough of them are brought back from moral ruin to give you hope for the rest.

The pacing is incredible. I read five volumes in a day — I couldn't stop. This was one of those books that kept me up until three in the morning, and then left me all spooked out when I finally switched off the lights.

Scary, fun, and gripping — who can ask for anything more. I'll be reading this one through all the way to the end.


(I picked up The Walking Dead on recommendation from badass comics store Secret Headquarters, which is definitely worth a visit if you live in LA)