Audio from Xbox hacker's USC talk last night

The audio from Andrew "bunnie" Huang's free talk at USC last night is online, thanks to students Mike Jones and Andy Sternberg. Bunnie came to fame for breaking the crypto on the Xbox, enabling the creation of Xbox Linux, and is now working with the startup he founded, Chumby, which makes an open media-player/device.

Bunnie's talk was a fantastic exegesis on the mind of a reverse-engineer, the perils and promise of hardware hacking, and the pursuit of business models that encourage smart customers to get the most out of their devices.

Next week's speaker is EFF Staff Technologist Seth Schoen, whose many claims to fame include authoring the DeCSS Haiku, his sharp critiques of trusted computing, his role in uncovering the color printer secret codes, and many other seminal technical achievements. He also maintains the Bootable Business Card distribution of Linux. Seth speaks at 7PM on Tuesday, Nov 28, at the USC Annenberg School, room 207.

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