Crap Hound No. 6 – clip art magnificence

Chloe from Reading Frenzy (Portland's astounding zine store) just handed me a copy of Crap Hound No. 6, the latest installment in her press's steady reissuance of the seminal clip-art zine. Created by Sean Tejaratchi, Crap Hound issues each featured a grand, disjointed theme — issue six's is Death, Telephone and Scissors. Each page is a kind of collage of stark, black-and-white imagery of these things, laid out with a lot of wit and yet with a solemn appreciation for the subject.

I'm very excited to hear that a new issue of Crap Hound is coming shortly — this one to feature "Church and State."

Crap Hound inspired me and countless others in its initial printing (the name of the zine was part of my impetus for titling my first major story-sale "Craphound" and subsequently registering the domain — I was also inspired in this by the insults fielded in the great film Local Hero). Holding an issue again after all these years takes me whirling back. I could look at this thing for hours.


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