Fan video-game treatment for Y: The Last Man comic

Mike has created a treatment for a video-game adaptation of the kick-ass graphic novel Y: The Last Man. It's clear that somewhere in reading the series, a thunderclap sounded in Mike's head, and this whole game thing appeared as if in a vision. It's got the vibe of a bolt out of the blue.

GAMEPLAY: As much as YTLM is a story about Yorrick's struggle to survive, get to the bottom of the plague mystery and re-unite with his girlfriend, he is always surrounded by others vital to his quest, most importantly Agent 355, Ampersand and Dr. Mann. This lends itself beautifully to squad-based gameplay with the user able to control in realtime which character they control (more on this in a minute). To do justice to both those times when the story develops more deliberately as well as those when split-second action dominates, we see an Action/RTS hybrid.


(Thanks, Mike!)

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