Two-person teledildonic rig

Editorial Note: Charlie Demerjian, a stalwart tech reporter for The Inquirer, sent us this story from the Vegas Adult Video News show that was too racy for his regular employer.

REMEMBER THE JOKE running around the net about remote sexual devices? The things you do to one part are replicated on the other, and so on an so forth? Out of town for the weekend with a milk delivery during one of those days? Purchase the Virtual-Hole from a Japanese company called Segment Inc and you can rest easy.

The Virtual-Hole is a two part device, one for males, one for females. The male side is a chrome bowling pin that has has an orifice with seven motors around it. The female part is the usual multi-pronged pitchfork with enough nubs and widgets to make the most jaded person wonder. It also has seven sensors embedded in it. Guess what they correspond to?

As you can see above, the male device looks like a bowling pin, the release is chrome not clear. You unscrew the base and, umm, this is a family site, right? Work it out on your own. You can see the flesh colored sensors in the middle. Below you can see the female device with the sensors embedded in the, umm, shaft.

Both have USB ports and you plug those into the PC. Duh. What happens on one side happens on the other, and also the other way around, in real time. The joke lives for only $100 or so for the female attachment, $200 for the male.

They also have a web site where you can get profiles for your Virtual-Hole. You subscribe for only $25 a month, and get to download profiles of porn stars. If you want, you can record your own profile, and upload it for others to partake in. If it is popular, you get cut back a percentage of the profits.

So, the old adage of all stories come true eventually did. Who would have thought it would happen with teledildonics? Hurry up with the flying cars people, I am waiting.


(Photos by Charlie Demerjian)