Personal blimp

The Sky Yacht personal blimp is a cross between a zeppelin and a hot-air balloon that claims to combine the best of both in a highly steerable vehicle that doesn't require large ground crews.

Our aircraft is one of the safest in the sky. There are lots of reasons for this. But the single most important one is that it flies at low altitudes and low airspeeds. Going low and slow is not only beautiful, it's also safer. In addition, our design gives the pilot more control than any other type of lighter-than-air aircraft.

The notion that blimps explode comes from the famous Hindenburg accident of 1937, that aircraft was filled with highly flammable Hydrogen gas. Nobody really knows how the Hindenburg fire started. But once it did, the Hydrogen ignited and the famous fireball resulted. Amazingly, even with the intense fire, 2/3rds of the people onboard survived. In any case, neither we nor anybody else today has an airship filled with Hydrogen.


(via Futurismic)