Demented media-hacker cyberpunk story

Gritty cyberpunk writer Chris Nakashima-Brown has a great new story, RPM, up on Futurismic today, about a troupe of media hacking guerrillas fighting against the War on Terror. Chris's turns of phrase and ideas are so hilariously over-the-top-demented, it's impossible to read him without grinning:

"The revolution will be televised," smiles 0z0, tapping out a rhythm on the steering wheel. 0z0 has a tendency for drama. He is an actor, after all, under the stage name Jackson Booth. You may know him better as Derek, the taboo black boyfriend on the ABC daytime soap Burning Hills.

Percy is his revolutionary consort, more Tanya than Patty Hearst. A Green raised in the shadows of Empire, she's the muse that keeps pushing 0z0 to move from culture jamming whimsy to bandolero-emptying direct action. Prone to wearing fetishized remixes of extreme Islamic fashion, on good days she's the Taliban Batgirl.

If you believe our press packets, we are the Celebrity Liberation Front, a group in which I serve as the Che Guevara to 0z0's Fidel, or maybe the Pancho to his Cisco. We detonate cathode ray information bombs: suicide bombing for the remote control generation. Definitely a bigger charge than my day job as product placement middleman.


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