Lee Harvey Oswald's "window" up for auction

Vann Hall says, "The window from which Lee Harvey Oswalk shot (or didn't shoot) JFK is up for auction on eBay. Current bid is a little over $3 million -- and the winner has to arrange item pick-up." From the auction listing:

 02 I 000 89 90 Cafb 12Up for auction for the first time, the actual window and frame from the shooter’s nest on the 6th floor of the Dallas Texas School Book Depository where Lee Harvey Oswald fired off those fatal shots that took the life of our 35th President of the United States - John F. Kennedy. Here is your opportunity to own a piece of history. This window and frame was on display for over ten years at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas. The window and frame has been picked up by it's owner Caruth Byrd and is now in his possession. This valuable historical artifact is now being offered for sale to an avid JFK collector by Caruth Byrd, whose family owned the Texas School Book Depository at the time of the assassination, Nov. 22, 1963. Also included in this auction is a leather booklet with all the official documentation and contracts related to the window and frame's authenticity.

And from an Associated Press report:

Byrd's father had the window removed several weeks after the assassination because visitors were stealing pieces of it, Byrd said.

Some people question whether the window is authentic, including a Nashville man who bought the building in 1970 and said he took the window with him when he lost the property to foreclosure.

Link to eBay auction, Link to AP story (Thanks, Greg Benjamin!)

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