Cat with 26 toes

This cute kitty, appropriately named Extra, has a total of 26 toes. The three-month-old cat, a resident of Auckland, New Zealand, has seven toes on her front paws and six on the rear. It's a genetic condition called polydactyly. From the East and Bays Courier (photo by Jason Dorday):

Cattoes"Her mum Star is a normal cat but her grandmother had six toes on each paw as well and so does her brother. But we've never even heard of a kitten with seven toes on each front paw," says (Extra's guardian Kaelene Gerrard).

"Extra's a good climber and runs really fast."


UPDATE: BB reader Ed Foley comments that Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Antonio Alfonseca may not have paws, but he does have six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot. Link