Wasabi spill spices up the ISS

Sunita Williams, an astronaut on board the ISS, had a "wasabi spill" while preparing a special fake-sushi meal on the space station. Astronauts on the ISS get "bonus containers" filled with their favorite foods, and Williams's included the sushi kit and its nuclear-hot mustard-paste. The astronauts have banished the wasabi to a cargo pod, and vowed to prohibit the consumption of too-spicy condiments on board.

Williams, whose father was born in India, has several Indian dishes in her bonus container, including Punjabi kadhi with pakora – vegetable fritters topped with yogurt and curry – and mutter paneer, a curry dish. The dishes are packaged to have a long shelf life in space.

Her U.S. crew mate, astronaut Michael Lopez-Alegria, is an even bigger "foodie." Lopez-Alegria, who was born in Madrid but grew up in California, had Spanish muffins known as magdalenas, chorizo pork sausage and latte in his bonus container.


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