Creepy automated photo retouching software

BB pal Vann Hall says:



PortraitProfessional is a software package that claims to automate the process of retouching portraits. In part it does so by perfecting skin tone and texture, much like Kodak's excellent Digital GEM Airbrush plugin, but it also does something it calls 'face sculpting,' presumably reproportioning facial elements into some sort of ideal relationship. The effect in many cases is to give the subject a creepy, bug-eyed look that seems equal parts anime, Whitley Strieber alien, and those funny warped headshots made famous by (and with) Kai's PowerTools. The reworked photo on the home page isn't too extreme, but some of the ones in the sample gallery are downright disturbing. (And I can't imagine how you'd ever explain to a subject why you rebuilt his or her face as if you were a plastic surgeon in some military hospital.)