Cheezy 80s Neuromancer comic

Joe sends us this "William Gibson aleph site which has posted up the
short-lived graphic novel adaptation of Bill Gibson's seminal novel
Neuromancer. The graphic novel series didn't get too far before
cancellation and is long out of print; it tickles my sense of SF irony
that it now exists as a cyberghost in the virtual machine online.
Methinks Bill would approve of the irony. I'm having 'how the future
used to look' type feelings going through my mind right now, still
spooky how much Bill was getting right back in 84 when I was still using
a Spectrum 48K and a tape deck to load and save data… Also
interesting to see this work as a graphic novel now, in a present where
respected SF authors are being increasingly asked to write for major
comics publishers. "


(Thanks, Joe!)

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William Gibson sez, "The tragic thing about that adaptation, for me, was that the artist
apparently couldn't draw girls. Not a all. Like he'd missed life class
entirely. Molly looks like a dude."