Imaginary Foundation's "Medium" Is The Message t-shirt

T-Post is a subscription service for avant-garde t-shirt designs. Every six weeks, you receive a new t-shirt in the mail emblazoned with a graphic inspired by a curious news item. The inspirational news article is printed on the inside of the shirt. In celebration of T-Post's 25th issue, they asked our friends at the Imaginary Foundation to design the anniversary t-shirt. This is the result. From the Imaginary Foundation director's statement printed inside the shirt:

M-Is-The-MessageThe message of media today is its own ubiquity–it's everywhere, all the time. We no longer just make or consume media. Rather, we are media. Once upon a time, a t-shirt was just a lightweight, knitted, pullover shirt. Now it's an instrument of meaning, a mode of conversation, quite literally a piece of media that we slip into every morning like a hot bath. The Imaginary Foundation salutes the 25th anniversary of T-post's experimental exploration of this timeless and pervasive form of immersive media. More now than ever before, Marshall McLuhan's insight rings true: The medium is the message. And the small, large, and x-large too.