Big book of Unamerican subversive stickers

Sticker Nation: The Big Book of Subversive Stickers Volume 1 is a new book from Srini Kumar and Disinformation. Srini is the creator of whose stickers (i.e., I WORSHIP SATAN HA HA HA and BOY DOES HIGH SCHOOL EVER SUCK) are classic Internet schwag. Srini is incredibly prolific, coming up with sticker designs at a prodigious rate — he also operates Sticker Nation, where you can roll your own Unamerican-style stickers.

The book is something I've never seen before: 400+ vinyl paper bumper stickers, in sheets, in alphabetical order, bound in a big trade paperback. You get hundreds of Unamerican stickers for $15, ready to peel and stick (along with the hilarious back-cover disclaimer: "Please don't sticker up public spaces or other people's property without permission. Use this book with respect for other people's property or you might get into trouble. We are not going to be held liable for your zany vandalism schemes and you are not a freak property damage robot. Use this book correctly for maximum effect. Thanks for reading, we're on your side.")

The Volume 1 in the title suggests that there are more editions to come — I eagerly await them. However, I'd prefer if future editions contained some sheets of small stickers, appropriately sized for laptops, phones, etc — how many bumpers does the average stickerer own?


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