Rob Sato's comic Burying Sandwiches: Far Side meets Charles Addams

Last week I dropped by Los Angeles's Secret Headquarters, an amazing comic shop in Silver Lake, to see the new Rob Sato art show. Sato is a relatively new comic artist, but his style — somewhere between Hieronymus Bosch and Yellow Submarine — really tickled me, and I wanted to see the art up on the walls (soon to be on my walls, as I ended up getting a really wonderful painted shovel of Sato's).

I also got Sato's new comic, the amazing Burying Sandwiches, a Gaimainesque fable about a little girl whose eating disorder involves tiny, pacmanoid ghosts, shovels, and a genuine aversion to the very act of eating. The story is gorgeous, dark and weird, and the artwork is like nothing I've ever seen in comics, sometimes gross, always witty, and very, very grim. Think Charles Addams by way of The Far Side.


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