Kid wrongly imprisoned for bomb threat - error due to Daylight Savings Time

A 15-year-old Pennsylvania high-school student was thrown in jail for 12 days because authorities believed he'd called in a bomb-threat. His voice sounded nothing like the voice that made the threat, but he had called the school at the time the threat was made... Or so they thought, until they realized that the call-logging program they used wasn't honoring Daylight Savings Time.

Cody Webb was arrested last month, after Hempfield Area High School received a bomb threat on their student hotline – which provides a range of information to students about the school - at 3.17am on March 11th. They believed they'd found the culprit when they traced the phone number they thought was responsible to Webb.

Unfortunately, the school forgot that the clocks had switched to Daylight Saving Time that morning. The time stamps left on the hotline were adjusted by an hour after Day Light Savings causing Webb's call to logged as the same time the bomb threat was placed. Webb, who's never even had a detention in his life, had actually made his call an hour before the bomb threat was placed.


(via Gizmodo)