Low-energy-consumption Web palette

CRTs and other monitors that use "additive" colors (that is, systems that make white by shining all colors at maximum brightness) use more power to display some colors than others. Mark Ontkush has developed a low-wattage color-palette for use in web-applications that are used on these displays:

The hex codes are as follows:
#822007 (rusty red)
#000000 (black)
#b2bbc0 (blue grey)
#19472a (forest green)
#3d414c (cobalt)
#ffffff (white)

What can you use it for? Any application that is displayed on a device that uses CRT, Plasma, or OLED technology. Any device where white costs money – handheld units, web sites, TV. Enjoy.


Mark Ontkush sez, "Jon Doucette is the guy that really invented it."