Mayor of Boston bans Boing Boing

Jake tried to access Boing Boing from Boston's free WiFi network and got this notice -- topped by the seal of the Mayor of Boston no less! Banned in Boston -- first they came for the Mooninites, then they came for the Boingers.

Want to defeat censorware? Let freedom ring!

Update: Seth sez, "The phrase 'Banned combination phrase found' is a characteristic
message of the censorware Dan's Guardian.
It seems some combination of words has triggered the 'isItNaughty'
flag (that's what they call it). It would be an interesting legal case to see if you had the
right to file a Freedom Of Information Act for the settings and block
logs to find out the exact reason you got censorware'd."

Update 2: Seth appears to have figured out the incredible stupid basis on which Boing Boing has been banned.