Machinima noir: dark and lovely

Wagner James Au sez, "I just posted an interview with the director of "Tale from Midnight City", a dark and gorgeous Second Life machinima perhaps best described as "pagan *noir*". Just as cool, it's fully CCed, licensed Sharealike, with music from the collection, and sound effects from the CC-based Freesound Project."

This is the loveliest, most haunting piece of machinima I've ever seen.

The inspiration began with the mask, a free gift from the "Mask and Feathers" store of dzogchen Moody. "It's such an incredible piece that I wanted to find an outfit to show it off." She added feathers and other assorted parts from various shops. From this, Lainy's Death was born. At first, the plan was just to take some dramatic shots of her avatar from the clock tower under the permanent dark sky of Midnight City.

"The pictures weren't really capturing the right feel and [I] decided to see how it looked as a recording," she continues. "From there I moved to the bar in the city, which I remembered had the most beautiful lighting, and continued to film shots." Only then did the kernel of a story emerge. Midnight City, she says, "reminds me of a noir movie, so tried to create a character that would live in that place."


(Thanks, James!)