Insanely detailed papercraft AT-ATs to download

These downloadable PDFs for a papercraft AT-AT model are insanely detailed and amazing. One thing I never understood about the AT-ATs: if they've got AT-ATs, why do they need the Death Star? After all, the AT-ATs make it clear that when the Empire finds the Rebels, they can handily kick their asses. A Death Star is like a giant, inaccurate, indiscriminate AT-AT. The Empire doesn't have a firepower problem: the Empire has an intelligence problem. It can't locate the Rebels. The Death Star won't improve their intelligence-gathering. Using the Death Star to kill Rebels is like nuking Iraq.


(Thanks, Rene!)

Update: Dave sez, "The same site has a bunch more papercraft patterns to download including a sweet looking Delorean."