Steampunk Magazine #2

The new issue of Steampunk Magazine (free download, $3 for hardcopy) is out — tons of steampunk fiction, interviews, and crafts. I love the piece on the environmental impact of coal, and the history of Thomas Edison's animal-torture electrocution exhibitions. 84 pages in all! The fashion guide is great, too:

Explorers are, by definition "persons who investigate unknown regions".
Take a nod from this when dressing yourself, as well. Think tailored
garments, but more military-influenced and less I- bought- this- at- the-
suit- shop. Leather, silk, linen, tall boots, pith helmets, flying goggles – the
list of explorer gear goes on. Try wearing mid-length skirts with the hems
buckled up to reveal breeches or cotton bloomers. Billowing sleeves or
bustled skirts with tight leather vests or corsets are a definite. Borrow
Middle-Eastern and Indian flair from belly dance fashion or take a nod
from pioneer garb. Wrap tons of leather belts about your waist and
hips or use a piece of rope to tie up your pants or skirt. Ladies –
search Ebay or vintage stores for old-fashioned medical cinchers
with fan lacing. Gentlemen – tuck your trousers into the tops of
your boots and hang a compass and pocketwatch from your belt
or rock a kilt and sporran. Mod your own steampunk ray gun
from a water pistol and some aerosol paint and wedge it into
your belt or your stockings.


(via Warren Ellis)

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