Tezuka Osamu, Astroboy creator, museum exhibition


Tomorrow, San Francisco's Asian Art Museum opens their huge retrospective on Tezuka Osamu (1928-1989), the pioneering master of manga who created Astro Boy and so, so much more. The exhibition features 200 works, including original art, covers, posters, anime, and adult manga. (Seen here, the slip-case design for Teskuka's Metropolis (Metoroporisu), a 1949 manga starring inspired by a photo of the robot Maria from Fritz Lang's film.) For those unable to see this show at its only US venue, the (Flash) site has a ton of information, including a series of video podcasts celebrating the artist.

UPDATE: Scott De Las Casas writes:

 Life  Photos 2007 05 31 Speed-Racerx
Growing up I was a huge fan of Tezuka's Tatsuo Yoshida's Speed Racer, while my sister preferred (Tezuka's) Kimba the White Lion, another anime classic by "the god of manga." USA Today has a first look at the the Wachowskis's Brothers SPEED RACER adaptation, including an exclusive premiere of the Mach 5. It appears that the movie will be true to the spirit of series, although based on the synopsis I'll withhold celebrating until I see it. Now if only we could get Carroll Ballard (Duma, Fly Away Home, The Black Stallion) to make a live-action Kimba movie… Link